An Introduction

February 6, 2010

Remember the segment on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood where he would visit some kind of factory or workshop or something and you would learn how trumpets are made, or who is in charge of carving “Hershey” on every square of the chocolate bar (spoiler alert: nobody. It’s a machine!!!), or what the best part of working in the gumball factory is? It was great, right?

This blog is going to be kind of like that (sans sweater vest). We here at Flat Cap Publishing believe that part of what is so remarkable about small press publishing is the potential to involve an entire community in every step of the process of creating a book. We’d love to have each and every one of you over to the Inter-Ocean Curiosity Studio to set type, pull impressions, and cut and fold and sew….But realistically, you and I both know that’s probably not happening. And besides, it’s a little crowded over there even with just David in the shop –

So: what is this entrancing process we have to share with you? Nope, we’re not going into the trumpet business (not yet anyway)! We are in the early stages of production for our second chapbook, Moby Dick Made Me Do It, by Colorado author Felicia Zamora. As we go along, we’ll use this blog to share photos of the process, musings on writing, bookmaking, small press publishing, and anything else that strikes our fancy. Questions of all sorts are always welcome (email us at, and will be answered to the best of our ability.

Don’t forget to check out Flat Cap Publishing for more information.


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