Art Storm

April 5, 2010

Rain Torn Through Parchment Skies

Today I bring exciting news to our far-flung readership. Our good friend, loyal partner, and tireless mentor Ray Tomasso has a new show up in the gallery of Denver’s Byers-Evans House Museum.

It’s a beautiful show and we’re fortunate that it will remain up and viewable into next month. One piece, titled Bound Up by Thoughts of Moby Dick, even gives a nod to our own current book project. It’s actually my favorite piece in the show and was even before I knew the title!

Bound Up by Thoughts of Moby Dick

I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to watch as these compositions came together over the last several months. Ray’s work provides a great example of successful contemporary abstraction. Folks interested in hand-made books will especially appreciate the strong tactile qualities of Ray’s pieces and everyone stands to be floored by what can be achieved through manipulation of such a humble material as paper.

So Ray: Congratulations!

Everyone else: Come and see the show!

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– d

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